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BORN PRETTY 7ml Dipping Nail Powder System Liquid 2-in-1 Base Coat Top Coat Clear Nail Art Tool
USD $1.99USD $2.99# 45274

Pattern :


Quantity: 1 Bottle
Capacity: Approx.7ml

Package Contents:
1 Bottle BORN PRETTY 7ml Dipping Nail Powder System Liquid
100% new retail and high quality.
Long lasting and Faster drying.
No UV Lamp Needed.
Suitable for professional use or home use.

Professional usage:
Step 1.Prep you nail.
Step 2.Apply a thin coat of Base&Top 2 in 1.
Step 3.Dip tip of the entire nail into the dish.
Step 4.Brush off excess Powder.
Step 5.Apply a second coat of Base&Top 2 in 1. 
Step 6.Dip tip of a nail into the dish to achieve desired smile line.
Step 7.Brush off excess Powder.
Step 8.Apply Dip Activator.
Step 9.Smooth and refine the surface with a buffer.
Step 10.Apply Base&Top 2 in 1 liquid.

After using the No.1 System Liquid,please remember to clean the bottle mouth in time,otherwise it will easily stick to the bottle mouth and cannot open.


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